May 11, 2014 - Maybe I'm Not Supposed To Do This


I meant to get something a little meatier out today, but I got sidetracked with various things. Minecraft. Not even once! So I'm going to toss this off and call it good for this week.

Last week I said that whenever I tried to restart my colorful notes something always happened to stop me.

In the past it has been suggested that this means I'm not supposed to be marking my scriptures up this way.


If anything, it's the opposite. The fact that I'm trying to study my scriptures is probably the cause of the problems.

It's late. I'll do better next week.

May 4, 2014 - First Post!!!



Wow. It's been a little more than 15 years since I bought this domain. I'm too lazy to look up the actual date, but I'm pretty sure it was the previous century ...

I kept meaning to do something with this, but things kept interfering.

I'll eventually—hopefully in less than 15 years—extract some of this out into its own About page, but I need to get things started. So, here goes.

Shortly before I went on my mission, I started really studying the scriptures. I liked adding comics, quotes and other things in between the pages to highlight some point or other, or just something I found amusing.

As an example, and the only one I can really remember, is a Far Side comic where you see a small deserted island, a palm tree and a skeleton leaning against the palm tree. Floating up to the island are boxes labeled Acme Raft, Acme Water, and other life saving supplies. I placed this next to the scripture that says 'all things come to those who wait'—again, I'm too lazy to look up the actual verse—because it amused me. But also, it was a commentary on the fact that sometimes you don't get what you're waiting for until after you're dead.

My mission president, Lowell Tingey, had a scripture marking system that I liked. This system involved colorfully marking the edges of your scriptures as well as colorfully marking the verses, or even sometimes whole chapters. By the time I got back from my mission my scriptures were a riot of color and less than staid inserts. Some of the members of the ward I returned to voiced their disapproval of my less than respectful treatment of my scriptures. Of course, this lack of respect was based on their values, not mine.

In any case, one Sunday after Elders Quorum I was talking to someone, and forgot my scriptures as we walked out. By the time I got back, in just a few minutes, my scriptures were gone. I never found them again.

Ever since then, whenever I've tried starting up a new set of scriptures, something has happened to prevent the rebuilding of my studied scriptures. This time I'm doing something new. This blog is part of it.

I'm using the Church's scripture journaling tool. You have to be signed in to use the journal option though. I also bought myself a really nice quad from a custom binder.

I'll be going into more details on all this in later posts. I also plan on adding a resource page, where I will list links to sites I use for scripture study.

That's it for now.